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Civil Litigation

  • Complex business litigation: corporate disregard doctrine; duties of good faith, fair dealing and loyalty; limitation of liability for (1) actions taken, and (2) contracts executed – (a) on behalf of the corporation, and (b) in official capacity as corporate officer, practical understanding of myriad of specific and court-mandated factors to consider prior to resorting to piercing the corporate veil (an "extreme remedy" according to recent Massachusetts jurisprudence);
  • Personal injury & property damage: PIP, medpay, under/uninsured motorist coverage, gap insurance issues;
  • 1st & 3rd Party Insurance Claims and Defenses: anatomy of a policy: declarations page, covered losses vs. non-covered losses ("exclusions" and "exceptions");
  • Family law: divorce, separation agreements, custody disputes, child support, alimony, financial statements;
  • Employment & labor disputes: actionable claims automatically waived upon employee's acceptance of workers’ compensation benefits; familiarity with obscure/intricate claims procedure (minimum coverage requirements  and employer duties (municipalities vs. private sector), 
  • Experienced with procedural requirements of quasi-judicial administrative law forums such as the Massachusetts Committee Against Discrimination (MCAD),  the civil service commission (responsible for reviewing employment/disciplinary decisions of public municipal appointing authorities, illegal termination & actions for reinstatement, legal effect of tenure, challenging discipline/discharge – grounds, prior discipline (employee), prior discipline (similarly situated employees historically), sufficiency of name-clearing hearing, statutory due process, prohibition on politically motivated personnel decisions; 
  • Commercial paper/litigation and secured transactions: properly payable rule, Massachusetts Consumer Protection Act (MGL c. 93A §§ 2, 9, 11); Express & Implied Warranties, Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act; priority of debt; 
  • Property law: purchase and sale (and lease) agreements, commercial and residential, landlord/tenant disputes; evictions; land use & zoning issues enforceability of common scheme covenants; 
  • Set important precedent re internet law: Neither 1st Amendment nor California's Anti-SLAPP legislation shields juggernaut tech companies from liability for "high tech business extortion."  SeeDiNapoli v. Yelp, Inc., C.A. No. 1:18-cv-10776 (D. Mass. 2019);


Criminal Defense

o Juvenile defense advocate (Suffolk County Juvenile Court Department)

o Defense of misdemeanors and/or felonies at District Court level.

o Defense of criminal indictment at the Superior Court level.

o Collaborative independent investigations with premier Massachusetts Private Detective agency.

o 24-7 emergency response service for clients placed under arrest: 

(1) attorney will travel to police station; 

(2) oversee booking procedures;

(3) prevent improper interrogation/questioning post-Miranda;

(4) provide assistance with posting of bail; and

(5) ensure preparation & presentation for arraignment: grooming, clothing, demeanor, procedure, desired/intended plea, etc.;


Closing Attorney with PC Law Associates LLP

Professional closing attorney with PC Law Associates LLC;  Experienced transactional attorney


Legal Consulting

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