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Whether starting or developing a business, buying or selling residential/commercial property, or pursuing/defending litigation, everyone deserves access to professional, modern and affordable representation.  

At the Law Offices of David C. Farrell, Esq., our mission is to help expand the people’s access to justice by offering high-quality legal assistance and representation for an honest price.

We work hard to provide our clients with individualized services and personalized representation by offering flat-fees for limited representation services where appropriate. Retainers also negotiable where appropriate.

Whether you need a business consultant, a real estate attorney, or a trial lawyer, David C. Farrell has the experience and the professional network necessary to get you the results you deserve.


Time is of the essence!

If you "sit on your rights," you risk losing them.

The legislature sets a rigid deadline by which you must file your claim based on various public policy considerations (severity, importance, etc..  The filing deadline, better known as the statute of limitations, varies based on the nature of your claim.  

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